Distant Fields

Watching the Night Fall
Gary Lamb


Majestic Inspirations
Music from the heart of Monterey Bay. Inspired by the 17 Mile Drive and Carmel coastline, the place where Gary grew up!
10 Tracks

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  1. Watching The Night Fall
  2. Two Friends     
  3. Full Circle     
  4. The Angels' Dance (Part II)    
  5. Sweet Reunion
  6. Stories By Moonlight
  7. Celestial Lullabye     
  8. The Welcoming     
  9. Ancient Dancer     
  10. The Road To Lucia     

" The title track and subsequent compostitions on this recording were inspired by a magestic sunset I witnessed one evening in a place called Lucia. Lucia is a location 25 miles south of Big Sur, California. It is here that the San Gabriel Mountains plunge into the Pacific Ocean. I was standing on the edge of a canyon looking out towards the ocean. With bamboo rustling below me, the sky was afire. A crecent moon beamed brightly in the blue midnight sky above. The entire "symphony" of the sunset, evening sky, star and moon all appeared to be falling melodically into the ocean. I was so inspired, the very next morning I wrote 'Watching the Night Fall'".

- Gary Lamb

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