Distant Fields

Twelve Promises
Gary Lamb


Celestial Compositions
Twelve different compositions featuring twelve guest artists. Piano oriented with a smooth jazz feel. Featuring friend Eddie James on guitar and Charlie Bisharat’s masterful violin playing really makes this CD sparkle.
12 Tracks

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  1. Trust
  2. Right Here By Your Side     
  3. The Time Of Our Lives     
  4. Resolution 
  5. Words Around The Fire     
  6. Peace
  7. Time To Play     
  8. Dream Of The Nightingale     
  9. Just To Be Near You    
  10. Into The Light     
  11. Pure And Simple Love    
  12. The 12th Promise    

" Twelve has always been one of my favorite numbers, so I based this album on twelve compositions and twelve different musicians. I got to play drums on seven of the twelve songs on the record. Although piano oriented, it has a smooth jazz feel. I really enjoyed writing for the string sections and it was great to have my old friend Eddie James play guitar on seven tracks. And Charlie Bisharat's masterful violin playing really makes this CD sparkle!"

- Gary Lamb

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