Language of Love

Language of Love
Gary Lamb


Passionate Portraits
Very soothing solo piano pieces that reflect Gary’s interpretation of music as a “Language of Love”.
10 Tracks

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  1. She Describes Infinity
  2. The Details of My Existence     
  3. The Language of Love     
  4. A Smile and A Tear
  5. Love Letters    
  6. Passion
  7. Keeping The Promise     
  8. Minuet     
  9. Desire     
  10. My True Love (Bonus Track)     

" Recorded in 1996, this CD marked my first solo piano release since 1987's "A Walk In The Garden". If there is one thing that has greatly inspired me to compose music over the years, it is love. The recording process for this album went very quickly. I was able to record all ten compositions in three days. Happy Listening!"

-Gary Lamb

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